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Create Seller's Account Here

After creating an account, click "add a new product" through the main menu.
Fill in as much information as you can, including product images, and click save.
The product will become visible immediately.

If a product does not appear correctly, please make sure you've filled in all the required fields and that you have chosen a category.
If you have any trouble, please contact us at

While adding or modifying your product, click the 'booking and reservation' tab.

There are two options there:

  • One booking for many days
    This is the most easy one to fill out. Let's say you want to rent out your boat on all the weekends in a certain period of time.
    You can just select a date range, like beginning of April until the end of September.
    Then, click the 'add bookings' button to select the day's you want, say 'Saturday and Sunday'
    And finally, select the time slot's for each day.
    Make sure you save when ready, and test it by viewing your product in the store.
  • Many Bookings in one day
    Select this one if you are a busy bee and want customers to be able to make many bookings a day. 
    It's a little bit more work to set up though, the form includes a little bit more fields. It's actualy more of a hotel room option, it's a good option if you want to rent out your boat to people, who are only going to sleep on your boat and not sail it. This option is a bit more flexible. 
    The same start and end date fields apply, but now you can give a start and end date and time to each day.
    What makes this option powerfull, is that you can open and close each day if you want, and that you can set a time slot for the time that you need
    to clean the boat making it ready for the next customer.

When a customer is interested in your product, or if they made a booking, you will receive an e-mail.

In this e-mail the customer details are visible, and you can make contact to eachother. 

A customer can contact you while viewing your product, if you filled in your contact details in your profile.

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